Yin Yoga for Tight Hips
Yin &Pranayama

Befriending the Hip: A Holistic Approach to Hip Tension

Ever felt frustrated with persistent hip tension that just won’t go away? Ever wondered if there’s a simpler, more holistic way to relieve that discomfort? Today, we’re using the healing power of awareness in movement: Yin Yoga, to bring radical acceptance and relief to our bodies.  I’ll equip you with practical strategies to maximize your relaxation and release built-up tension not just for today, but more and more over time.

Radical Acceptance is a Catalyst for Lasting Relief

As you practice the postures, we’ll be using a simple breathing protocol to soothe and befriend your hips. By the end of our practice together, you’ll have developed a more comprehensive understanding of your hip tension and some strategies to overcome it.

Props needed: bolster, blocks, blanket