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About Mandy Ryle

Mandy offers a new and modern style of Yin Yoga which incorporates somatic education and pain science. Her teaching is evidence based, meaning your practice is influenced by relevant and accurate biomechanical information. Most of all, Mandy is a story teller. Your practice with her will be supported by Yoga philosophy, science and mindfulness.

Yin Yoga Essentials Giveaway
Yin Yoga Essentials Giveaway

Celebrating the Launch of the New Shift Membership

In a perfect world, each and every listener to the Yin Yoga Podcast would have a warm and private space to practice and abundant, beautiful props to support their poses. Alas, it is not a perfect world, but I can give one lucky Yinster a prop kit worth $180!

Better yet! Every entrant to the giveaway will be granted VIP access to the new Shift Membership when it launches next month!

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Yin + Somatics: Shoulder Therapy

If you have experienced shoulder pain or discomfort either now, or in the past run, don’t walk to your mat! This gentle practice has what you need to move with confidence again. It feels really great and includes all of the elements of practice that I love. Lots of wriggly movement exploration, crave-able stillness and contemplation, a theme full of feels and personal discovery.

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