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A home for evidence informed Yin. The Yin Yoga Podcast is designed to support you in effortless, pain free movement for a lifetime. 

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About Mandy Ryle

Mandy offers a new and modern style of Yin Yoga which incorporates somatic education and pain science. Her teaching is evidence based, meaning your practice is influenced by relevant and accurate biomechanical information. Most of all, Mandy is a story teller. Your practice with her will be supported by Yoga philosophy, science and mindfulness.

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The Shift School

The Shift School is an online community providing affirmative movement practices for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Shift members have access to a huge library of evidence informed pain care yoga, somatic practices, restorative fitness and even strength training. People who live with persisting pain need to move too. Research shows that that graded exposure to movement can help manage and often heal chronic pain. The shift school is designed to empower you through safe, effective and evidence informed strategies; movement, mindfulness and education. You can try it for free for 2 weeks. After that you’ll just pay $24/month for practices, courses, workshops and challenges.

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Homage to Your Spine

Your spine is the most exquisite structure. Capable of incredible mobility and unparalleled stability, it’s been evolving for millions of years and has within it the intelligence of eons. Yet, if you listen to popular culture and even some Yoga wisdom, the spine is very delicate. It is in need of protection and only truly stable in a few select positions. From my perspective as a Pain Care Specialist this is not just wrong but inestimably harmful. This class is an homage to your spine and the incredible versatility it has. 

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