Release Tight Hip Flexors
Yin & Somatics

Yin & Somatics: Activate to Release Tight Hip Flexors

So many of us suffer with hip flexors that feel stiff, tight, sore or even painful. it’s not uncommon for me to encounter clients and students that are even plagued with a reduced range of motion and trouble fully extending the hip.

So it makes sense to just stretch right?

Though it seems plausable that lenghening what feels tight is the best course of action, the hip, the self are far to complicated to reduce this experience to just the state of our biological tissues.

So in this practice we will observe the biopsycosocial-spiritual nature of self. Rather than some stretches for the sensitive area, we will activate to release. In your practice, you will engage in myofascial release techniques, mobility drills and yes, yin yoga poses, to embed a profound sense of safety into the hips as well as a new confidence.

Props needed: Bolster, Blocks, Blanket