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Lasting Relief for Hip and Groin Tension

Ever wondered why tension seems to build up in certain areas of your body, like the front of your pelvis and groins? This episode of the Yin Yoga Pod-practice aims to provide answers to this question while helping you find a solution through mindful movement. education and of course, stretching. We unravel the profound connection between your daily habits, lifestyle, and the discomfort you feel in these areas, developing a comprehensive understanding of these correlations. 

Befriending tension

The goal here isn’t just to stretch these sensitive areas, it’s to help you understand the gripping and holding patterns in your body, and how to befriend them. We also delve into the emotional states that contribute to tension in the front pelvis and groin providing insights into how you might use these techniques to overcome this pain long term.

Props needed: bolster, block(s), blanket