Yin Yoga Nervous System Regulation
Unlocking Your Authentic Voice

The Intersection of Yin Yoga, Nervous System Regulation, and Leadership

How can Yin Yoga and nervous system communication unearth your unique and authentic voice? Join us on a fascinating journey with Elise Besler, a Yin Yoga teacher, musician, and leadership coach, as she sheds light on the intricate interplay between our nervous system, yoga practice, and the environment we create in our classes. We delve deep into intriguing topics such as polyvagal theory, trauma, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome, with practical strategies that you can implement right away.

Elise pulls back the curtain on the power of Neurosomatic Intelligence and co-regulation, emphasizing their crucial roles in leadership, teaching, and learning. She shares her personal journey of finding her distinct teaching voice, offering invaluable perspective on the challenges new teachers might face. We also unravel the complex relationship between the vocal cords, the vagus nerve, and the heart, showcasing their impact on our ability to communicate our truths.

No discussion would be complete without addressing imposter syndrome. Discover how regulating our nervous system can help heal it and why boundaries and chronic pain may be protective outputs of your nervous system. Finally, we touch on self-compassion and personal growth resources, including Elise’s website, Instagram, and podcast, The Embodied Leader. This episode promises a refreshing perspective and practical tools to navigate your yoga journey and beyond. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and empowered. Tune in now!