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A Celebration of the Body: Yin Yoga, Cellular Respiration, and Gratitude

Experience the profound connection between the universe within you and the world around you as we journey through an exquisite exploration of yin yoga, mindfulness, and the incredible power of gratitude. This is a 90-minute yin yoga practice that fosters a profound sense of appreciation for your body. Designed to bring tranquility, connection, and a space exclusively for you, we anchor our attention on the breath and the internal movement of light within the rib cage.


In this episode we unravel the marvels of cellular respiration, the universe within your cells. With each breath, nourish and support the teeming life within you, The experience of cellular respiration, will profoundly deepen your sense of self and body connectivity. 

With each pose, take a moment to appreciate the sensations, the echoes of movements and the hard work of your cells. We conclude with a reflective Shavasana, inviting you to contemplate the remarkable journey of evolution, and your place in the universe. This practice is a loving reminder of the miracles within us and our bodies’ phenomenal ability to evolve, exist, and flourish. Tune in for this enriching adventure of self-discovery and appreciation.

Props needed: Bolster, blocks, blanket and strap.

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