Become an Evidence Informed Yin Yoga Teacher
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Becoming an Evidence Informed Yin Yoga Teacher or Student: A Guided Journey

Part Two

Ready to level up your Yin Yoga teaching or practice? We’re back with part two of our enlightening series, and this time, we’re demystifying the process of reading research. In this solo episode,  I’ll guide you to improve your research literacy, ensuring you can critically evaluate studies and make sure that the research you read is relevant to you or your students.

We will also explore ways to ensure that the research you are reading is credible. To demonstrate how and why, we will look at an acclaimed study from a few years back that claimed that just 12 minutes of daily Yoga can reverse osteoporosis. The study was bogus but the damage is done. Many teachers and students have fallen into the trap of crappy research. I’ll show you how to know if what you are reading is actually reputable!

This series is a guided journey to becoming an evidence-informed Yin Yoga teacher or student.  Consider this series your essential guide.

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