40 Hour – Yoga Alliance Approved

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

40 Hour Yin Yoga Certification

Yin Yoga is a highly therapeutic, meditative style that requires a skilled approach to sequencing, queing and theming. To teach it well one has to know the philosophical theory that was it’s genesis and the anatomical and physiological protocol that makes it such a healing practice. So often we teachers regurgitate the rhetoric of our teachers but Yin is more than theory. In Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will learn the science of Yin Yoga and you will learn how to apply your new understanding to not just Yin classes but all of your formats. Yin Yoga Cerrification will amplify your skill in all formats and styles.

Hybrid Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training is convieniently divided into two modules. The first is fully online and self guided. The second module, Yintensive® is live in person or virtual. 

Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Transform your teaching

Curriculum Details

If you are a teacher who likes to know why… A teacher who feels most comfortable teaching techniques and concepts when you understand the tradition, the history or the science behind them… A compassionate leader who strives to truly enhance student’s lives through practice… this training is for you. Read more about what you will learn and apply in this 40 Hour Yin Yoga Certification Training.

Science of Yin Yoga

Module I: This topic takes up fully one third of Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Modern Yoga teachers must understand the implications and consequences of the movements they teach. This section will introduce you to the incredible world of tissue mechanics, adaptation, healing and pain science. 


Module II: Yin poses are often complicated add to that, most students are unable to see demonstrations since they are close to the floor. In Yintensive® Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will learn how to assist students while still allowing them to stay in the zone and explore in their own unique skills and limitations. Assists are based on principles of observation and Thai Massage.

The Postures

Module I and II: We’ll begin with the basic poses separated into categories. Then we will branch out into variations. Students will learn how to tinker with and explore poses in a way that honors Yin protocol and leaves room for unique needs and goals. Best of all this method feeds into the sequencing model that you will learn later in training.


Module II: The element that makes a good teacher extraordinary. Incorporate powerful theming material into your classes while honoring your students’ personal practice space. Learn to create environments that are ripe for self discovery and introspection though focused theming and powerful storytelling.


Module II: Yin doesn’t follow traditional sequencing strategies, so understanding the postures and how they fit with each other is vital. To embrace the goal of non-competitiveness and to release ambition, we will explore a sequencing model that prioritizes personal introspection and responsibility rather than the traditional peak pose scheme. This model truly highlights the meditative aspect of Yin Yoga.


Post Training: Put your new skills and knowlege to use! To recieve your certificate you will submit practice teaching forms to Mandy. You also have the additional opportunity to recieve extra guidance and mentorship from Mandy in a one hour meeting in person or via zoom.

Module I

Yin Yoga Teacher Training is conveniently divided into two modules. In Module I you will learn about the science of Yin. Find out what is really happening when you apply load, duration, breathing and theming to tissues. You will access Module I content from the online portal on this website. Bite sized lectures will introduce you to these invaluable concepts in a fun and accessible way. Your access to the portal will never expire. Take as much time as you need to absorb the information.  Register now for Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module I


Module II

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module II will prepare you to apply the concepts of Module I to class sequencing, theming, groups, and individual bodies. Yoga teachers who understand the nervous systems, the science of movement and the skill of storytelling are in high demand. This training will prepare you to share a Yin practice that is transformative for students and clients.

Module II happens several times throughout the year. See Module II dates and locations. 

Duration Practice

The Alchemy of Yin is in duration, not sensation

Yin Yoga is unique in it’s employment of intentional duration. Learn how to exploit this practice not just for greater flexibility, but healing. Gain the knowledge you need to make decisions about how and when duration is most advantageous. Transform your teaching into a purposeful expression of science and tradition.

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Tuition and Inclusions

For Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This training is chock full of information, application and peer feedback. You’ll listen to lectures, participate in discussions, apply, practice and ponder. The full price for Module I – $250 Module II Yintensive® $350.

Yin Yoga Certification total = $600

  • 40 CEU’s for Yoga Alliance
  • Training in alignment, cueing, theming, science of Yin, sequencing and assisting
  • One hour meeting with Mandy after practicum documentation submision to discuss your teaching and followup questions.
  • Online compendium of Yin Poses and Common assists
  • Hybrid training to maximise retention and improve accessibility.
  • Lifetime access to Module I online training materials. 
Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Alumni Feedback

“I would definitely recommend this training and any of Mandy’s trainings to others. Mandy is one of the most knowledgeable and well-spoken yogis I have ever met. This training was packed with information, well organized and structured, and left me wanting more. I probably got as much or more out of this 5 days than my 200 hr YTT. This class reinvigorated my desire to learn about and teach yoga.”


“Mandy is a wealth of knowledge and she is able to articulate her message clearly and with passion. She is a great example of true dedication to her purpose and it’s amazing to learn from her. I look forward to the next opportunity.”


“This course really challenged some of my teachings and understandings of fitness and yoga. While it was uncomfortable at first, I grew in the short time we were together to embrace it, make space for it. I tend to avoid conflict in all aspects of my life…sitting in discomfort and digesting. Hummmm sounds like Yin? I was most attracted to the science behind the practice…and the training did not disappoint. Knowledge, resources, science, resources…loved it all! It was amazingly overwhelming and I’m super excited to continue experiencing Yin both as a practitioner and teacher.”


Mandy Ryle Yoga

Mandy Ryle, ERYT500, YACEP, CPT

Mandy has been training extraordinary Yoga teachers since 2012. She is the developer of Yintensive® Yin Yoga Teacher Training method in addition to 200 hour teacher trainings and continuing education for Yoga teachers. Mandy is the owner and founder of Sound Method Yoga but teaches globally. She is a lover of science and movement and marries the two for impactful classes and continuing education. In addition to special education in bio mechanics and pain science, Mandy has a voracious appetite for information and research in feilds that are related, though indirectly, to Yoga such as neuroscience, mindfulness, tissue mechanics, interoception, pain science and polyvagal theory. When Mandy isn’t teaching or training, she is studying. She brings this passion for information into the training room as a well organized, chohesive strategy for helping students and clients to meet goals and improve wellness. Mandy is also the host of The Yin Yoga Podcast and the YouTube Channel Moving Beyond Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the training hours for Module II

Each Studio may set it’s own training schedule for the intensive. Generally the Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module II training hours will take place on a long weekend. Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Monday. Please See the Module II details for a list of locations and options for completing Module II.

Are there Virtual Attendance Options?

Yes, If you prefer to do a fully online Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you may attend Module II remotely. Please see the virtual option. 

What measures are being taken to reduce the spread of Covid 19?

For in person attendance:

  • Students will be advised to stay home and learn virtually if they are exibiting any signs of illness
  • Masks are optional for attendees but will be mandatory if there is a current mask mandate.
  • We recommend that you are fully vaccinated if you are attending in person for your safety and for the safety of your classmates.

Will this training certify me as a Yoga teacher?

No. The foundational certification for Yoga teachers is a 200 hour teacher training. This training is for individuals who are already Yoga teachers OR for Yin-thusiasts who are wanting to learn specifically about Yin for their own practice. 

Can I do this training if I am not currently a Yoga teacher?

You absolutely can. This training will not however certify you as a Yoga teacher. You will learn the why and how of Yin to become your own teacher.

Are Yoga Alliance CEU's availiable?

Yes. Mandy is an approved YACEP with the Yoga Alliance. Once your contact hours and practicum are complete and submitted, Mandy will send you a certificate that you can submit to Yoga Alliance for 40 Continuing Education credits.

What is the required practicum for Yin Yoga Certification?

After training, you will have one year to teach 8 Yin Yoga classes and submit the required documentation to Mandy. After submission you will receive an invitation to schedule an included 1 hour mentoring session with Mandy to discuss your practicum and any additional questions or concerns you have about teaching Yin Yoga in your own community. You have one year from the completion of contact hours to submit your practicum documentation.