Yin Yoga for Neck Pain
A Conversation with Josh Summers

Harmonizing Body and Mind: The Relationship between Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this episode we peel back the layers of Eastern wisdom with our esteemed guest, Josh Summers.  Seasoned Yin teachers and novice practitioners alike will benefit from Josh’s perspective in this fascinating discussion.

Josh generously shares his insights on how Yin Yoga, when melded with TCM, can prepare the mind and body for deeper meditation. But we also recognize the challenges teachers face when trying to assimilate and impart this knowledge. Josh gives some great advice for teachers  who wish to honor this philosophy with authenticity while staying within their scope of practice.

In the final stretch of our conversation, we delve into the potent biopsychosocial model of pain in Chinese Medicine. We discuss how it addresses physical pain, often rooted in emotional trauma, and honors both physical and inner subjective experiences. We also illuminate how the practice of Yin Yoga can enhance the function of our integrated systems, improve circulation, reduce stress, and foster feelings of peace and joy. Lastly, but certainly not least, we examine the power of storytelling in Yin Yoga. Join us for this engaging conversation with Josh Summers, as we explore Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.