Nicky Hadjithoma
A Conversation with Nicky Hadjithoma

The Future of Yin Yoga

In this episode you will meet Nikki Hajitoma, a renowned Yin Yoga teacher and trainer.  We delve into Nikki’s unique approach to yoga, where Western anatomy meets Eastern philosophy, and how this fusion supports psycho-spiritual development.

In our conversation, we discuss some misconceptions about Yin Yoga, a practice often misunderstood as ‘easy’ or ‘just for beginners’.

On the contrary, Yin Yoga requires mental fortitude and physical resilience, offering immense benefits in terms of emotional strength and mindfulness. We discuss Nikki’s experiences teaching Yin Yoga in Hong Kong and Singapore, where Yin is gradually gaining recognition.

We’ll give you a primer into functional yoga, a practice model that values individuality, one that uses stress as a tool for growth, and a mindful approach to movement.

We also tackle the evolution of yoga alignment models, underscoring the importance of comprehending anatomy in yoga and the need for continuous learning. We challenge the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ alignment mindset, advocating for a shift towards functional movement and an understanding of individual biomechanics. Join us for a conversation that will enlighten, inspire, and broaden your perspective on yoga and its untapped potential in our lives.