Dr Melissa West
An Interview with Dr Melissa West

Harnessing the Power of the Five Elements in Your Practice and in Your Life

Join us as we unravel the intriguing five element theory with Dr. Melissa West, a pioneer of Yoga on YouTube since 2009. Learn how to apply this theory to your everyday life and to your Yin Yoga practice. This podcast will provide some great insights for you on how we might live more in harmony with the seasons and throughout each stage of life.


As our enlightening dialogue progresses, we navigate through the fascinating complexities of the fire element season and its unique divergence from Ayurveda. Armed with Dr. West’s insightful knowledge, we’ll shed light on how these elemental associations can enhance not just our Yoga practice, but our overall well-being. But it doesn’t stop there! We also dive into the practicalities of the five element theory, discussing how it can inform our personality traits and elemental constitutions.

Wrapping up our conversation, we steer towards Eastern philosophies and the ultimate pursuit of balance. We’ll hear from Melissa on how the energies of the elements shift throughout the day and throughout our lives, and why it’s crucial to embrace these changes. And for all you budding Yoga teachers out there, we cap things off with some invaluable tips on teaching yin authentically. So, ready for a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of Dr. Melissa West? Tune in and let’s explore the power of the five element theory together!