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Creating Yin Sequencing Poetry

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Mandy Ryle Yoga
40 Hour Yin Yoga Training

Yin Yoga is a highly therapeutic, meditative style that requires a skilled approach to sequencing, queing and theming. To teach it well one has to know the philosophical theory that was it’s genesis and the anatomical and physiological protocol that makes it such a healing practice. So often we teachers regurgitate the rhetoric of our teachers but Yin is more than theory. In Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will learn the science of Yin Yoga and you will learn how to apply your new understanding to not just Yin classes but all of your formats. Yin Yoga Certification will amplify your skill in all formats and styles.

Fall Cohort Training Bonus 2 Live Q & A Join me for 2 live calls in November