Yin Yoga for Neck Pain
Yin & Somatics

Benevolent Awareness for the Neck and Throat

Though the front of the neck and throat are only a  very small part of the physical body, they have an oversized role in self hood. This practice is amazing for my listeners with neck pain, but especially valuable for those of us who hold stress in the throat area.

In this gentle practice you will cultivate a benevolent awareness for the front of the neck and throat. My goal is to provide a profound sense of safety for any and all movements of the neck and expressions that come from the throat. You will also find that this class is incredibly soothing. Every time I teach it live, students fall asleep! So I can guarantee that the movements and breathing practices have a powerful effect on your parasympathetic nervous system.

If you have been looking for yoga for neck pain, be sure to save this practice!