Evidence Informed Yin Teacher
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Becoming an Evidence Informed Yin Yoga Teacher or Student: A Guided Journey

Part One

In this solo episode I share invaluable insights that will empower both teachers and practitioners to deepen their understanding of Yin Yoga, as well as underscore the importance of employing research-backed knowledge for the betterment of physical and mental health.

I’ll share the top reasons why Yin Yoga is the perfect canvas for evidence informed practice and teaching. I’ll also teach you how to find research that is relevant to your needs as a student or your niche as a teacher.

By the end of this episode you will know the main types of research that will be useful to you as a  Yin-thusiast and some handy use cases for each. My intent is to make the transition to evidence informed practice as simple as possible.

In our exploration, we also delve into the realm of anatomy and pain care in relation to Yin Yoga and the critical role randomized control trials (RCTs) play. But I don’t just leave you with the theory, I show you how to practically apply this knowledge, addressing topics like exercise recovery, research bias, and the significance of lifestyle changes for those with chronic pain. To demonstrate how vital understanding where to find research and read it really is,  I expose some truths about knee arthroscopy and spinal surgery.

So, buckle up! Whether you’re a yoga teacher seeking to expand your knowledge, or a student looking to deepen your practice, this eye-opening episode is a must-listen. Let’s be seekers of truth in the world of Yin Yoga together!

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