Research Literacy for Yoga Teachers
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Becoming an Evidence Informed Yin Yoga Teacher or Student: A Guided Journey

Part Three

In this third episode in our Becoming an Evidence Informed Yin Teacher or Student, I’ll be reviewing some actual papers for you that are not directly about Yin Yoga but instead about an important component of our practice, stretching. 

I’ll demystify the effects of stretching on muscle hypertrophy and performance. And address the common belief that pain is always a result of tightness. We’ll shed some light on the connection between static stretching and heavy resistance training. All by reviewing a selection of studies, highlighting the role and benefits of stretch training in reducing muscle loss, stimulating muscle growth, and enhancing strength and performance.

But there’s more to stretching than meets the eye. We’ll explore how it can mitigate inflammation and aid in tendon repair. We’ll discuss the challenge of measuring tension and strain, the impact of resistance training on tendon stretching, and the value of referencing research in yoga teaching. 

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And don’t forget to tune in next week as we dive into topics like nervous system regulation, mindfulness, and their role in pain care.

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