Yin Yoga Poses Pictures
Master the Yin Yoga Repertiore

Yin Yoga Poses

The poses are the currency of Yin Yoga practice. But they only tell part of the story. Learning the intent or bias of each pose is essential for artful sequencing. Learn the Yoga Yoga Pose Repertoire through simple daily lessons and practices. The 8 Day Email Course Curriculum introduces you to the Yin Yoga pose repertoire in bite sized lessons. Each day you will receive a new download to guide your learning. “Learn By Doing” practice prompts will help you to use your new knowledge and make it your own, experientially. 

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Yin Yoga Poses Pictures

Introducing Pose Groups and Categories

So many poses to learn! It can feel a bit overwhelming for sure. By dividing the Yin Yoga Pose Repertiore into manageable groups and categories, we make the repertoire much more digestible. Each day we will have a look at a new category and you will be given a experiential lesson for truly assimilating your new knowledge. 

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Spinal Flexion and Extension

In your day two lesson, look forward to some of the most iconic Yin Yoga Poses. Our first categories are Spinal Flexion and extension.

Yin Yoga Poses

Spinal Rotation and Sidebending

Two big categories that feature some of the most craved Yin Yoga poses. The modifications and hybrids in these categories will really open your mind to what is possible in your practice and teaching. Your learn by doing assignment for Day 3 is particularly juicy as well. 

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On to the Hip!

We’ll start with a lesson exploring the most voluminous category, external rotation. When you, or your students think of Yin, these are probably the first poses that come to mind. 

You will be amazed at the incredible versatility and variety of this category in sequencing. 

Yin Yoga Poses for the Hips

Yin’s most challenging poses

Some of the least accessible poses in in fall into the adduction/hip internal rotation category. We will spend a bit of extra time with this one. Your “Learn by Doing” assignment will be very eye opening.

Yin Yoga Poses for the Hips

Hip Extension

I LOVE the poses in this category, and if you are a teacher, most of your students do too. These poses tap into something deep within us that is begging to surrender and release. These poses offer some interesting opportunities for experimentation that I hope you will incorporate into your practice or teaching. We will explore thoes in your “learn by Doing” assignment.

Yin Yoga Poses for Hamstrings

Hip Flexion

Hip flexion is associated with stretching the back of the hip (your butt) and the thigh (hamstrings). For this reason, it can get a bad rap. For individuals with stiffer hamstrings these poses can feel very inaccessible. No worries, I’ve got you covered in your Lesson #7 PDF. Remember, in Yin, we can modify ANYTHING. 

Yin Yoga Poses for the Shoulder


These are pose that don’t fit into the major Yin Zones. Poses that bias the shoulders, ankles and feet are just as heavenly as the repertoire focusing on the hips and back. But far less common in your average Yin class. These poses will really freshen up your practice or classes. 

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Master the Yin Yoga Poses

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This 8 day email course will get you on the right path. In addition to the traditional Yin Yoga Poses, you will learn some Pose hybrids as well as fresh modifications.  

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