[blockquote cite=”Jen RYT 200″ type=”left”]July of 2014 will mark my third full year of practicing yoga with Mandy. There are truly no words to express how much I value, appreciate and crave her knowledge, skill, and grace. [highlight type=”light”]Every class showcases her love for yoga and the utmost care for her students.[/highlight] If she meets you once, she’ll likely remember your face and name forever. Her classes are crafted with detail, her love for human anatomy is stunning, her perception of the human mind is startling, and her yoga history comprehension is astounding.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Linda” type=”right”]I have been practicing yoga with Mandy for years (even before she opened the Sound Method Studio). Mandy is one of my favorite yoga teachers which is saying a lot as I practice at other Omaha studios & frequently travel the country for yoga retreats/conferences. Her biggest strengths are 1) her ability to verbalize cues 2) creative classes where each one is new & fresh 3) her ability to motivate students to try something that is out of their comfort zone, and 4) her welcoming and kind personality. Her studio is perfect for either beginners or more advanced yogis. I even get my husband to come occasionally.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Vicki S. RYT 200″ type=”left”]When I took my first class with Mandy a year and a half ago I recognized the teacher I’d been searching for.[highlight type=”light”]Her classes challenge my mind as well as my body and inspire my struggle to bring yoga off my mat and into my world.[/highlight] I left another teacher training program to study with Mandy because she’s everything I aspire to be as a teacher.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Jeffrey” type=”left”]2 years ago I knew I had to get serious about the health of my body and be consistent about it. My searches lead me to Sound Method and Mandy, I thought, I’ll try this for a couple of weeks and move on if I’m not happy. Happy I am, [highlight type=”light”]Mandy is so patient and in-tune with your needs (whether you know you needs or not).[/highlight] No matter how you feel about going to class, once you’re there everything falls into place. Every class is a journey in discovering our bodies, taking care of the vehicle that will carry us through life. My experience has not only helped repair this old body but has mended a spirit… I think I’ll be staying around longer than I planned.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Peggy” type=”right”]I am a 70+-year-old student who has been with Mandy for 4 years. She has enabled me to remain strong, flexible and emotionally grounded. Her studio is a lovely refuge.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Merry” type=”left”]I’ve been a yoga student for I don’t remember exactly. That’s probably an odd thing to say because most people know the moment they started something. Yoga has become such a part of my routine that it’s now part of my life. I was an avid cardio/weight lifting junkie. I didn’t find real inner and physical strength until I began taking classes with Mandy. If you
want some easy, don’t care about the quality or structure of the pose, I just want to do yoga and move on, then buy a yoga dvd. If you want to learn the true beauty of yoga that addresses the body and the mind, come to Mandy’s studio. I have become stronger, leaner, flexible and have learned to quiet my mind. I know when I haven’t been to yoga, because I can feel the tension and tightness. Mandy’s style is for those who are looking to transform. [highlight type=”light”]She will not teach you halfway,[/highlight] but encourage and challenge you to honor your body and mind with proper form. Her routines are never the same. Always creative. Always inspiring. Always worth the time.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Marci, RYT 200″ type=”right”]I have been attending Mandy’s Yin class for over a year now. Mandy is very welcoming to new and returning students. The class I take consists of a very diverse student population, and Mandy offers modifications to suit each student’s needs. She recognizes when students are pushing and encourages them let go of the effort. She also notices when students are able to go deeper into a pose and assists them in doing so in a very safe and supportive manner. Her themes center around real life, and the poetry and music add beautifully to the class experience. I find that despite how I felt going in to Mandy’s class physically, mentally or emotionally, I always leave very calm and centered.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Vicki, RYT 200″ type=”left”]I’ve been a yoga student of Mandy’s for two and half years. During that time I have become stronger, more flexible, and more mindful. [highlight type=”light”]Mandy is an excellent teacher, intelligent and compassionate, who seeks to know her students’ strengths and limitations.[/highlight] I love that she integrates the breath with the movement. The concepts and principles she shares are useful both on and off the mat.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Jenn, RYT 200″ type=”right”]Mandy has a wide variety of knowledge including anatomy, yoga philosophy, pranayama, and asanas. Her classes are challenging, fun and well thought out and put together. [highlight type=”light”]After class, I feel like I have learned something as well as had a good workout and I feel amazing![/highlight] If I miss class I truly feel something is missing in my life.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Marci A” type=”left”]Three and a half years and 300+ classes at Sound Method and the numbers still amaze me. I will always remember my first class and the hesitation I felt being new to yoga. Mandy was welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. Yoga has become so much more to me than the exercise program I originally was looking for. I value not only the physical and mental benefits I achieve from practicing, but also the relationships I have developed through the Sound Method family. Yoga will forever be a part of my life, and I owe that to Mandy. I am so glad I took the chance and walked through that door![/blockquote]