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Mandy has been training exceptional Yoga teachers since 2012. 

Omaha Yoga Teacher Training


Become a Yoga Teacher

Each and every Yoga teacher has something unique and special to share. Mandy’s training is non-dogmatic. You will not be forced into a cookie cutter style, rather you’ll be given the tools you need to become the authentic teacher you were meant to be. 

Mandy does an exceptional job at equipping her students with all the tools needed to not only become a good yoga teacher but a great one. The training experience will challenge you and empower you. It will overwhelm you and ground you. It will open your eyes to all the beauties of yoga, to all that it is and all that it isn’t. You’re bound to learn a plethora of knowledge and wisdom, no matter how long you may have been practicing.


2018 Graduate

Upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Omaha, NE Winter 2021

Hybrid Style Training

February 19 – June 13

9 weekends.

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Hybrid Style Training


Small group in person mentoring to enhance skill.

Class Room Hours

All classroom hours meet on weekends

Online Learning

Self paced online lectures for enhanced retention

Applied Practice

Learn by doing. Make your new knowledge your own.

Why THIS training

Evidence Based Instruction

Yoga is synonymous with health. Students recognize that Yoga can help with self management of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, healthy aging, weight loss and so much more. The teachers of the future will rely on evidence to provide practices that help students and meet them exactly where they are. Train with Mandy to be a part of the future of Yoga teaching. 


5 Progressive Modules

1. Cueing and Context

Developing and articulating precise, relevant and powerful verbal instructions for guiding students toward their fullest potential. Establish efficiency in your language right off the bat. Learn to harness the wisdom of a strong personal yoga practice to offer compelling and effective instruction. Discover the foundational postures and transitions of a flow Yoga practice. Understand the anatomy of breath and how to employ it to serve your students.

2. Anatomy and Bio Mechanics

An experiential exploration of human anatomy. Application of anatomical and biomechanical concepts in practicing and in instructing yoga. Learn the science of stretching to truly understand both the impact and the benefit of your practice and teaching. Master the basics of modification and strategies for addressing student’s most common concerns. In our second module we introduce a broader variety of postures for practice and teaching.

3. Theming and Sequencing

This is where a certification from Mandy really sets you apart from other new teachers. Learn progressive, mindful sequencing strategies to maximize the success of students of all levels. You will be introduced to sequencing models that will lend cohesiveness to your classes. Learn hands on adjustments and corrections to guide and empower students toward their fullest potential. Build classes for targeted populations and the use of yoga for therapeutic purposes. In module three we begin to understand how to combine poses and transitions to help students reach their goals and create powerful expeinces on the mat.

4. Subtle Anatomy

Discover the “other” anatomy such as the chakras, nadis, vayus, bandhas. Addressing the chakratic system and it’s many aspects and practical application. We’ll also address styles and techniques for meditation in this Module. Discover a whole new realm of asana practice when we apply energetic principles individual poses as well as sequencing strategies.

5. Application and Embodiment

Skills for growing with your students as they advance in their practice. Apply the theory of Krama to approaching complicated postures  AND for leading the most common class type – all levels. We’ll play with some of our favorite poses -inversions, arm balances and advanced backbends. Advanced hands on assists for challenging postures and the use of manual adjustment for advanced students.


What People Are Saying

“When I took my first class with Mandy a year and a half ago I recognized the teacher I’d been searching for. Her classes challenge my mind as well as my body and inspire my struggle to bring yoga off my mat and into my world. I left another teacher training program to study with Mandy because she’s everything I aspire to be as a teacher.”


2012 Graduate

Mandy’s knowledge of yoga was powerful. I appreciated her no nonsense approach along with having fun. She strived to make sure that I could understand and absorb the information.


2019 Graduate

Mandy’s training illuminates the ways in which yoga teachers can enhance their student’s practice and how they can create a more authentic and genuine experience for them on their mats. When you come out on the other side of these five months, know that you’ll be imbedded into the larger fabric of yoga history in a truly meaningful and powerful way.


2019 Graduate

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