VIP Access Shift Membership

$15.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

VIP Access for the Shift Membership grants offers some special goodies above and beyond the standard Shift Membership. You’ll have access to classes, practices and workshops designed to help you shift into greater health and wellness. Really dive into experiential anatomy, discover Pain Care Yoga or deepen your mindfulness practice. Enjoy dozens of online Yin Yoga classes. The Shift Membership opens exciting doorways to wellness and healing through movement.

VIPs also receive:

  • One month FREE
  • 25% off of E-courses on this site. (That aren’t already in your membership.)
  • A strength for Yoga Workout plan and download that you can use at home or at the gym.

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Movement is a vital element to your wellbeing. Humans evolved to move! But our modern lifestyles have reduced the variation, challenge and joy in moving our bodies that we need to thrive. The Shift Membership’s ever evolving library will ensure that you always have a new practice to support you.

Your online yoga membership offers:

  • Curated Yin and Vinyasa Practices
  • Meditation and Breathing practices to reduce stress and improve mindfulness
  • Pain care and pain prevention practices (one of the largest libraries online)
  • In depth mini courses to master skills or learn a new facet of Yoga
  • Challenges to help you meet your goals
  • Workout plans for strength and power
  • Workshops for geeking out on Yoga, movement, movement science and more!



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