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One on One Pain Care Coaching Sessions

A customized, comprehensive approach to heal your chronic pain naturally. 


Pain Care Coaching

Mandy is an experienced Yoga teacher, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. She employs evidence informed strategies to help you find the healing you need to get your life back. Mandy’s clients range from teens to seniors. Most clients have been suffering from chronic pain for 2-3 years before they find her. Pain Care is a holistic process that integrates Yoga, strength and fitness training, pain science and nutrition to help you reduce your pain, increase your function and get your confidence back. 

What is Pain Care?


Understanding your pain and your role in healing is the first step. Knowledge is power.

Pain Care

Nervous System Regulation

When you have been in pain for awhile, everything is sensitive. Learn how to calm down the sensitivity and ease your pain naturally

Pain Care


Gaining awareness is an important step toward moving with confidence and away from fear.

Pain Care Coaching


Pain care specific movement practices including Yoga, and somatics, endurance and strength training. Movement hurts right now, but it is what you need to heal.

Comprehensive Support

In addition to weekly sessions you will recieve a customized homework program included in your coaching price. Daily practices are generally 5-20 minutes and are intended to support you in reaching your goals. Homework is delivered to your preferred device by TrueCoach and includes Yoga, somatic drills, breathing and meditation practices as well as educational videos to support you. Curated education is provided for such diverse topics as Yoga anatomy and philosopy, pain, nutrition and more.

One on One Pain Care Coaching


Pain Care Coach

I was unable to stand, walk, and move consistently. I have learned to view the spine and brain as a system.  Mandy teaches simple movements that can be used safely and easily in everyday life – it has  changed the way I relate to and experience pain.

– David F.

Pain Care Coach

A doctor told me that I had osteoarthritis. He said that unless I was ready for cortisone shots (I am not) that there was nothing he could do. Frustrated, I wanted another solution. Upon further investigation, I learned that Mandy uses an “evidence informed” approach to pain management so I wanted to give her a try. The approach was multi-faceted with meditations, mindfulness, strength training and learning about pain science and pain management. As a result of this approach, I am now pain free. As I age, I will use these skills to manage whatever comes my way. I am truly grateful.

– Vicki

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Because of Mandy’s program, I no longer feel like chronic pain is controlling my life. I feel strong and capable, and have found myself diving back into hobbies and exercises that I love, but had been avoiding. Mandy is patient, knowledgeable, and so much fun to work with! Not only did she help me eliminate my chronic pain, but she brought me back a sense freedom and compassion towards my body.

– Madi


How much does pain care coaching cost?

Pain care coching is a comprehensive process that is highly customized to the individual. The foundational program is 12 weeks long and includes a combination of 1:1 coaching, on demand educational content, customized movement practices, daily regulation guides and more. Please book a free 25 minute strategy session to find out if this process is right for you.

Do you take beginners?

I see clients of all experience levels. Some clients have experience with mindfulness and fitness and others are brand new. This process is customized to you.

What Equipment do I Need?

A Yoga mat and a big towel are very helpful. over time we will discuss any other equipment you will need such as Yoga props, hand weights or resistance bands.

Can I train virtually?

Yes! Sessions can be done in many ways.

  • You can train in person at my studio, Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE
  • I can come to your home in the Omaha area. You will need to have certain equipment for this option to work. Contact me to learn more
  • We can meet virtually via zoom. Again, you will need certain equipment. 

I have special concerns/limitations, will this work for me?

My average client sees me for persistant pain and movement problems. If you have limitations you have come to the right place. 

Do you offer small group sessions?

Yes, I can arrange single or ongoing sessions for small groups from 2-10. 

How many sessions are typically needed?

All clients start with a minimum of 4 sessions. Most clients see me weekly for 8-12 weeks then bi weekly ongoing. 

Do you take insurance or offer discounts?

I do not accept medical insurance but many clients use their HSA to pay for sessions. Employers who reimburse for fitness often reimburse for private Yoga. I do not discount my services.

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