Private Yoga Sessions

A customized, comprehensive approach to help you meet your wellness goals. Evidence based support for pain care and overall wellness.


Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga sessions with Mandy are much more than just Yoga. Mandy has been teaching Yoga, and individual clients since 2008. She is a sensitive and compassionate teacher, able to employ all of the tools that Yoga has to offer toward your healing and wellness goals. Yoga is a powerful modality as it encompasses and nurtures every part of being an embodied self; the physical body, the emotional body and the intellectual body. Mandy is a teacher who can guide you through this process joyfully and competently.

In addition to strict Yoga teachings, Mandy is a science nerd. Her teachings take advantage of new research and expert voices to benefit each individual client. In addition to specialized training in bio mechanics, Mandy is a dedicated student of pain science and an enthusiastic pain neuroscience educator.

Unlike most Yoga teachers who focus on flexibility, as a certified personal fitness trainer, Mandy understands tissue mechanics as they apply to strength as well.


Asana, or Yoga postures are potent techinques for strength balance and most of all awareness. Mandy utilizes asana not as a way to help you get better at Yoga, but as a way to help you get better at having a body.

Yoga Philosophy

All of Yoga is predicated on one primary concept. You are whole, will always be whole and have never not been whole. This is the cornerstone of Mandy’s approach to working with Private clients. 


Somatic practices help us to align our physical body with our body image. All clients recieve somatic drills and practices to influence the body image and nervous system. These evidence based techniques are proven to improve movement and decrease pain.

Resistance Stretching

Manual techniques for neuro muscular education and increased movement options. Evidence based.

Breath Practices

Breathing may seem simple but there are so many ways to breath and to use the breath. It’s a powerful tool that you will become expert at. 

Mindfulness Instruction

Evidence based techniques to help you conquer stress, pain and other challenges. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for optimal health. 

Comprehensive Support

In addition to weekly sessions you will recieve a customized homework program included in your training price. Daily practices are generally 5-20 minutes and are intended to support you in reaching your goals. Homework is delivered to your preferred device by TrueCoach and includes Yoga, somatic drills, breathing and meditaiton practices as well as educational videos to support you. Curated education is provided for such diverse topics as Yoga anatomy and philosopy, pain, nutrition and more.


What do private yoga sessions cost?

45 minute sessions
Single 45 Minute session $65 
4 Pack 45 Minute sessions $240 ($60 per session)*

60 minute sessions
Single 60 minute session $85 
4 Pack 60 Minute sessions $300 ( $75 per session)*

*Required for initial 4 sessions

Do you take beginners?

I see clients of all experience levels. Some clients have never and will never take a single group class as their needs are very specialized. 

What Should I Bring?

You will need to bring a Yoga mat and a big towel. I use a number of Yoga props so the towel can serve as a blanket/cushion or you can cover the studio props with the towel. If you have blocks and bolster please bring them as well.

I have special concerns/limitations, will this work for me?

My average client sees me for persistant pain and movement problems. If you have limitations you have come to the right place. 

Do you offer small group sessions?

Yes, I can arrange single or ongoing sessions for small groups from 2-10. 

How many sessions are typically needed?

All clients start with a minimum of 4 sessions. Most clients see me weekly for 8-12 weeks then bi weekly ongoing. 

Do you take insurance or offer discounts?

I do not accept medical insurance but many clients use their HSA to pay for sessions. Employers who reimburse for fitness often reimburse for private Yoga. I do not discount my services but sometimes offer small group series such as Pain Care Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain which can reduce the overall cost. 

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