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Pain Care Yoga for Neck Pain is a comprehensive 6 week series to unravel neck pain and tension. 

Pain Care Yoga for Ongoing Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain. It is a condition that affects 3 out 5 adults in the US. If you have suffered from neck pain for awhile you know that there is very little relief availiable. Chiropractic care, massage, stretching all help a little, but not much and not for long. Even over the counter pain relievers do little to give you relief.

Pain Care Yoga for Persistent Neck Pain is an evidence based 6 week series designed to give you options, a sense of control and relief, finally. This is a comprehensive process that will challenge you and excite you. You will learn some amazing things about your body, your nervous system and your brain. You will learn to appreciate the complexity of your issues and be given tools to heal. Most of all, you will get your life back. 

60 Minutes to Less Neck Stiffness and Pain

This is a free practice to focus your attention on the pelvis and spine rather than the neck to keep things soft and comfortable. Discover how movement is translated from your pelvis and the importance of the eyes in healthy neck function.

How is this program different than what I have tried before?

Pain Care Yoga for Persistent Neck Pain is a wholistic approach to developing a pain care program that is as unique as you are. Pain is about so much more than just tissue damage, it encompasses every aspect of you biologically, neurologically, emotionally, socially. We know that pain changes everything. What you will discover is that the opposite is true as well, everything changes pain.

Pain Care Yoga takes an evidence based biopsychosocial approach. You will address the health of your tissues, the role of your nervous system and even the environmental aspects of your pain.

This approach offers you the thing you’ve been wanting since your pain began. Control.


It’s the most important thing about having a body. It hurts now, but improvement is POSSIBLE!


Evidence based tools to address the other component of pain, your nervous systems. Mindfulness is a powerful tool in living better.


Research shows that understanding pain can improve pain. Based on the most up to date research.

Mandy Ryle, RYT 500

Mandy is a Yoga for Pain Care Specialist. She has a passion for science, anatomy and pain education. Her specialized education in biomechanics and pain science, as well as her formidable experience in teaching has been helping her help clients in pain since 2012. In addition to meditation and breathing practices for chronic pain, Mandy utilizes movements from many traditions of Yoga as well as Feldenkrais Method®, Strength training and resistance stretching techniques to guide her clients toward safe, comfortable movement and an improved life. Mandy is also the owner of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE, an experienced trainer of Yoga teachers and a Yoga educator teaching in the US and around the world.

What is Pain Care Yoga for Persistent Neck Pain?

Pain Care Yoga for Persistent Neck Pain is a 6 week program. Evidence shows that programs of this kind can significantly reduce chronic pain issues.

Yoga for Pain Care utilizes a biopsychosocial approach to pain using:


To live better you need to move better. It sounds so simple but when moving hurts it’s really very complicated. This program incorporates Yoga, Somatics from the Feldenkrais Method®, strength training, resistance stretching and more to get you moving better. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Research shows that mindfulness and interoception practices have a big effect on pain. PCY makes it easy  and straight forward to incorporate these techniques into your daily life.

Healthy Breathing Practices

Your breathing literally changes everything about you. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Learn breathing practices to soothe and regulate, to care for yourself during flare ups and start feeling better. 

Peer Support

The cohort for this program is kept to just 10 individuals. Small group work keeps your cost low while not reducing quality. It also adds a valuable component of support, advice and just … fun. Research shows that learning with peers improves outcomes.

Pain Education

Understanding pain is an important step in getting better. Evidence shows  that pain education can help chronic pain sufferers immensely.  


In addition to small group sessions, you will have homework 5 days per week. Your homework will be delivered via an app that you can use on your favorite device. Consistency is the key to improvement. The app will keep your teacher apprised of your progress and allow you to reach out with a simple text when you need help.

6 Week Series Details

Each series is limited to a small cohort size to maintain quality. A combination of group sessions with your cohort and self guided homework provide a comprehensive program to empower you. The 6 week Pain Care Yoga for Neck Pain program includes: 

6 Weekly Group Sessions with Your Cohort

Evidence shows that having peers to support you in your pain care program is vital. These sessions will include movement, education and plenty of fun. Each session is 90 mintues long, leaving room for education, practice and discussion.

6 Weeks of Home Practice Guidance

The most important component of any pain care program is consistency. You will have a short assignment 5 days a week delivered to you via an app you can access from your preferred device.

Online Portal Access

You will have special access to an online Pain Care Yoga portal. Included in the portal:

  • Weekly homework practices
  • 5 full length practices for ongoing pain care. 

What is the cost for Pain Care Yoga for Persistent Neck Pain?

The total investment for the program is $130. This includes:

  • Six 90 minute small group practices
  • 6 week home practice program
  • Online portal for ongoing pain care support.

Always check with your doctor before beginning a physical fitness program.

“Yoga is a complex system of self management, appropriate for the complex, individual experiences of chronic pain and is supported by recent pain models, theories and neuroscience. 

Neil Pearson, Pain Scientist and Educator

I've tried Yoga for my neck before but it didn't help. How is this different?

This is not a typical Yoga class. We will make use of evidence based practices to address the biopsychosocial nature of your pain. Classes and homework assignments are tailored to the needs of the group and curated for individuals with chronic neck pain. In addition to Yoga poses we will practice somatic techniques (from the Feldenkrais Method®, mindfulness and meditation, strength and resistance movement and breathing practices. Evidence based education will also be offered throughout the program.

What are my payment options?

The total price for the series is $130. You may pay in full or choose the payment plan option. The payment plan will allow you to register for 2 payments of $65. Failure to make payments will result in expulsion from the program.

I have limited movement, and there are some movements I cannot do, will this work for me?

Always check with your doctor before starting a physical fitness program, especially if you have a chronic health issue. If you have clearance from your doctor for gentle movement then yes, this program is exactly for you. Movement hurts right now, but it’s also the thing that can help you and the thing you need to get back to for a fuller life. Mandy will work with you to find safe and comfortable movement.

I have concerns about attending in person. What are my options?

Each practice will be offered via Zoom as well as in person. You will miss out on the social component unfortunately, but you can still participate fully in the sessions. 

I've never done Yoga before, will I be okay?

This series starts at the beginning of Yoga and Somatic practices. If you have never done either before you will be perfect.

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