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As a big THANK YOU to my listeners, I’ve compiled a collection of pose galleries based on my most popular practices.

Use these galleries as a practice aid, or as a companion as you practice along with the podcast episode.

Your pdf practice workbook includes 6 of my most popular sequences.

Thanks for being a listener!

Most Popular Sequences

Free Practice Gallery Workbook

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words. This practice gallery workbook includes some of my mot popular sequences from the Yin Yoga Podcast. 

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The Instructor

Mandy Ryle Yoga
Mandy Ryle

Hi! I’m Mandy. I’ve been teaching Yin Yoga since 2010. Over the years I’ve reinvented myself over and over as a teacher. to match my goals, my students and my passions. I’m a Yin Yogi who loves science, and evidence. But I also love the mystery. I rely deeply on Yin Yoga in my work as a Pain Care Coach. I am the host of The Yin Yoga Podcast, which reaches thousands of Yinsters all over the world every single month.