Creating Yin Sequencing Poetry

As Yinthusiasts, we know that Yin is so much more than a collection of poses. The best teachers can weave a set of poses together to create anatomical poetry. That is, there is an intent to the pose selection, but it leaves room for each student to digest and assimilate the sequence in their own unique way.

Yin sequencing really is an art. And it’s teachable! Let me show you some easy ways to add some specialness to your sequences, whether you are practicing on your own, or teaching.

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Yin Sequencing Magic

Creating a masterful Yin sequence requires a bit of magic yes, but also the application of some simple nuts and bolts tactics. I’ll teach you the basics in this one hour webinar. I’ll also take some time to help you with some of your biggest sequencing challenges.

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The Instructor

Mandy Ryle Yoga
Mandy Ryle

Hi! I’m Mandy. I’ve been teaching Yin Yoga since 2010. Over the years I’ve reinvented myself over and over as a teacher. to match my goals, my students and my passions. I’m a Yin Yogi who loves science, and evidence. But I also love the mystery. I’ve been training aspiring Yin Yoga teachers to combine the evidence with the more ephemeral aspects of this amazing practice since 2012. I am the host of The Yin Yoga Podcast, which reaches thorusands of Yinsters all over the world every single month. I can’t wait to demystify sequencing for you.