Simple Practice for Low Back Pain

Simple Practice for Low Back Pain

As a Movement for Healing Coach, I work with a lot of people with chronic back pain.  While every client is different, there are some go to practices that I find are very helpful. This practice is a distillation of some of the strategies I use with my clients; Somatic work, Yoga, mindfulness and light, experiential education. It’s a bit shorter than my average episode as well, since I want to make sure you can fit this into a busy day if needed.


My hope is that this practice will be a go to for you if you suffer from back pain. My goal is always to get my clients moving and learning.

For this practice, all you need is a blanket to rest your head on. You can even do this practice in your bed if you choose, just make sure your head isn’t too elevated. A bolster or pillow may be useful for one of the poses as well. 

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