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Online Strength Challenge

Beginners Strength Program Month Three

As you are getting stronger you will need greater challenge to continue your progress. Beginner's Strength Program Month Three builds on what you have learned about the movements so far and increases loads and complexity. We are still using resistance bands and body weight for the exercises, though, dumbbells can be substituted in some cases. In this program, you will be encouraged to do 3 - 40 ish minute workouts per week. You will be amazed at how quickly your body changes.

Beginner's Strength Challenge

Beginners Strength Program Month Two

Strength Challenge II is a month long program to build full body strength. You'll perform compound movements using a resistance band, body weight and light dumbbells. In this challenge you will plan to do your resistance training 3x per week. Each workout should take you 30-40 minutes.


Understanding Pain

A modern model of pain is emerging. Science tells us that pain is so much more than tissue damage. New explanations and treatments are emerging and practices that are firmly in the Yoga tradition such as gentle movement, breathing practices, mindfulness and self regulation are hot research topics.

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Beginner's Strength Training Challenge

Beginners Strength Program Month One

Strength for Yoga is a month long resistance training program to enhance your practice. All Yogis have a wish list in their practice. They want more upper body strength for chaturanga and arm balances, stronger legs for fierce lunges and standing poses, unshakable balance and core strength for smooth and elegant transitions. Add resistance training to your practice for a month and marvel at the difference in your practice.

0 to Hero in a month!
Chaturanga Dandasana Tutorial

Master Chaturanga This Month!

This course will take you from 0 to hero in about a month. New drills will become available every few days in your portal so keep up your practice to maintain your momentum. Commit to this journey with me and reap the rewards. Lessons are short and straight forward. Just follow this simple program and you will be on your way to confident Chaturangas and better posture.

Yin Yoga Training Course

Foundations of Yin Yoga

Foundations of Yin Yoga is for curious Yogis. If you like to know the why behind the practice you will love this introduction to the nuts and bolts of Yin. Greater understanding has the capacity to transform your practice.

Shift Membership Included Workshops
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