Release for Low Back and Hips

Release for Low Back and Hips

If I had a dollar for every time a student, client, acquaintance, perfect stranger… asked me for a stretch to help with the pain or tightness they experience in “XYZ” I would be a very wealthy woman. I get it, Yoga is stretching right? Wrong, Yoga is connection, it’s oneness, it’s dissolving separations and artificial divisions. 

After spending so much time reading evidence, I just can’t see how stretching alone will bring relief, especially for those hot spots like the neck, back or hips. But that’s not to say that Yoga can’t help!!! Yoga has so much to offer. So much more than a few stretches.

If you are curious to learn a bit about how deep the connections go, check out my podcast for this week, Release for Low Back and Hips. For this practice, we will do some familiar Yin poses but with a different angle. As you practice you will learn about the important thoracolumbar fascia and hopefully gain some understanding about how to address the stiffness in more helpful ways. Hint, there are some deep connections to attend to.

Props Needed: Blanket, bolster or firm pillows, two blocks

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