Shift Membership

$24.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

Access curated content designed to help you shift into greater wellness. The Shift membership includes unlimited access to a variety of  online yin yoga classes:

  • Yin & Somatics
  • Yin & Meditation
  • Yin & Creative Props
  • and more!

Additionally your membership includes the largest library of Pain Care Yoga classes available, providing Yoga for chronic pain management for musculoskeletal pain as well as a variety of other chronic pain conditions. Meditation and mindfulness practice are included to help you calm your nervous systems and gain insight into your body’s reactions to stress.

Your membership includes a treasure trove of active and strength practices that vary from sweaty marathon Vinyasa practices to short Chair Yoga snacks to Yoga sculpt with resistance.

Movement is a vital element to your wellbeing. Good movement is novel, fun, adventurous and infused with awareness. Movement for healing is adaptable and inspiring. The Shift Membership’s ever evolving library will ensure that you always have a new practice to meet your daily needs.




This is not your average Yoga subscription. The Shift Membership grants you access to an enormous library of curated Yin practices, somatic education and even strength practices. Members also have access to one of the largest libraries of Pain Care Yoga practices available on the internet. Mini Courses, challenges and workshops will help you amplify your capacity for empowered, healthy movement for a lifetime.

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