Yin Yoga Podcast

Side Bodies and the Self

This is a very gentle practice focused on the side bodies. For this week’s practice, I wanted to work with a part of the body that most of us don’t experience too many problems. In this neutral zone, perhaps we can work on observing sensation objectively, rather than bringing all of our baggage into the experience. As you move through the poses, I will add another layer of mindfulness to your practice to help you to cultivate self awareness or interoception. This is an important skill for developing self compassion. 

The benefits of self compassion go way beyond this practice and well into your life. Developing self compassion is a task that takes some time, and some hard work. So this practice is a bit of a back door. Sometimes the way in isn’t cognitive, it’s through the body.

Props needed: None. But if you are looking for a more restorative experience, you can get out your blocks, blanket and bolster (or pillows).