Yoga for Posture

Yin & Somatics: Posture Update

Posture is an incredibly loaded topic in our culture. If you’ve been involved in yoga for any time you’ve been receiving messages about posture that may not be helping you. We have hundreds of not thousands of sources daily telling us that our bad posture is the cause of maladies such as chronic pain functional movement issues breathing issues and more. 

The problem with these well meaning sources of advice, is that they are not evidence-based. We don’t really have any evidence to show that “poor posture” can cause chronic pain, in fact the opposite is true with regard to neck pain especially. We see that hypervigilance towards posture seems to be associated with higher levels of neck pain. 

So this class is designed to help you update your understanding of your posture. I’m hoping to provide a very affirmative experience for you regarding the areas of the body that we typically associate with the posture the upper back the chest the shoulders and the neck.

Props Needed: Bolster or firm pillow, block and blanket