Yoga for Sciatica

Nerve Flossing Practice for Sciatic Trouble

All of the nerves in our body require a state of sliding and gliding within our tissues. When nerves get stuck, or compressed, they tell us. While the causes of sciatic nerve pain or sciatica are numerous and not terribly well understood. We do know that restoring a suppleness and fluidity to the tissues of the low back, glutes, pelvic floor and thighs can be helpful . To restore or maintain this fluidity, in this practice, we will use a technique known as nerve flossing.

I often feel that this technique is used a bit too aggressively, so we will approach gently with a great deal of awareness and softness.

You will have the opportunity to marinate in supported Yin poses throughout the practice. This practice feels incredible even if you don’t suffer from sciatic nerve issues, but my hope is that this will introduce some new daily movements into your life if you do.

Props Needed: A blanket, bolster and blocks 

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