Yoga for Chronic Pain

When it comes to chronic pain, Yoga has so much to offer. Appropriate movement, mindfulness and breathing practices are clinically shown to decrease pain. While there is no magic bullet to curing your pain, there are things that can make a difference. Better yet, when used with other treatments, and medications, these techniques can combine to improve your life.

What is pain care yoga?

Pain care Yoga is a comprehensive approach to getting better. If you have had pain awhile, you have likely been to many different doctors, therapists, chiropractors etc… The fact that you are reading this means that these interventions have been unsuccessful. When pain persists for a long time, we know that it is less about the tissue damage or injury and more about changes in your nervous system. Yoga and Somatics are modalities that have been developed over centuries to address the nervous system.

“Yoga is a complex system of self management, appropriate for the complex, individual experiences of chronic pain, and is supported by recent pain models, theories and neuroscience.”

Neil Pearson, Pain Scientist and Educator

Pain Care Yoga utilizes:

  • Pain education – knowledge is POWER and evidence shows that it is helpful for those with chronic pain.
  • Appropriate, customized movement practices. I provide you with ongoing support delivered on a customized schedule via an app called True Coach.
  • Evidence Based Mindfulness Education – clinically proven to improve chronic pain.
  • Neuromuscular education – restoring accurate communication between the body and the brain is a major component of healing. I use Yoga, somatics (from the Feldenkrais Method®), resistance stretching and body weight training. I stay up to date on current research to provide the best possible program.
  • A competent, compassionate ally in your healing process. I am happy to collaborate with your health care providers.
  • Regular assessment to make sure that you are making progress

Yoga for Pain Care Program

A customized program based on your needs and budget. I can meet with you in person, (at Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE) or virtually. I sometimes offer small group training for specific issues as well.

  1. Your first session will last about 90 minutes. During this time I will learn about you and your journey to date. I’ll do some assessment as well so that we can keep track of your progress.
  2. Sessions 2+ will be 45 minutes to one hour. See above for program details. I prefer to see clients weekly for the first 4-8 weeks.
  3. To maintain your progress we will meet weekly or every other week for 2-3 months. Between sessions, you will receive support from me via True Coach. You can access your lessons from your phone, tablet or laptop. Your program will include customized movement, breathing and meditation practices as well as educational videos.
  4. I am just a text away during the active phase of your program via True Coach.
  5. Ongoing support to build fitness, strength and resilience.

have chronic/persistent pain in my lower back and numbness in my left leg. Since starting the class with Mandy, the improvement is remarkable. I was unable to stand, walk, and move consistently. I have learned to view the spine and brain as a system. Mandy teaches simple movements in class that can be used safely and easily in everyday life – it has changed the way I relate to and experience pain. The movements are introduced gradually throughout the course. I’ve learned how the brain’s relationship with pain can be modified via neuroplasticity. It’s liberating! I’m extremely grateful for this program and look forward to it every week. Highly recommended!


I was attracted to the Pain Care Yoga program because I had been struggling with chronic paid for the last 1.5 years. The pain had started to greatly impact my daily life where even a simple trip to the grocery store was a struggle. After going through the program I learned so much more about how the brain and the body are connected when it comes to pain. I learned some great techniques to retrain my brain and how it thinks about pain along with exercises to help ease the pain. I am now able to go about my daily life pain free and without having to second guess how any activities will make me feel after which is amazing. I highly recommend this program!


Learn More About Yoga for Chronic Pain

Schedule a free 30 minute consult to see if this approach is right for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pain Care Yoga

What is the cost of Yoga for Chronic Pain Sessions?

First Session $100 – 90 minutes

45 Minute Session Pricing Single: $65 per session

4 Pack:  $240 ($60 per session)

60 minute sessions Single: $85

4 Pack: $300 ( $75 per session)

You will be asked to commit to 4 sessions to begin. After your first 4 we will assess the path forward. Your first 4 sessions can be one hour or 45 minutes. We can discuss the best approach for you at your first session. 

How many sessions are typically needed?

Most clients see improvement with diligent effort within 8 sessions. Many clients continue after the first 2-3 months to build fitness or maintain progress. 

Do you accept medical insurance?

No. However many clients draw from their HSA to pay for Yoga for Pain Care. Employers who offer a fitness benefit usually compensate for private Yoga sessions as well. 

I am not tech savvy. Will virtual sessions work for me?

During your free consult we can discuss your tech equipment and set up to determine if you will benefit from virtual sessions. Many students love the convenience of meeting from home.