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Day 4

Introduction to Holistic Pain care


Remember in grade school when you were taught that you have 5 senses? Well, that was wrong, or at least incomplete. You have way more than 5 senses and one of them, interoception, is incredibly important in your quest to understand your pain.

Interoception is your felt sense about the inner workings of your body. Research shows that better interoception is correlated with less risk of developing chronic pain. It’s also associated with feelings of well being, greater compassion for self and others and, weirdly, time perception. A study of interoception and back pain showed that people who have better interoception are far less likely to have chronic back pain! 

Research shows that people with persisting pain tend to score worse on interoception tasks. The good news is that you can improve this sense and that it can help you get your life back. It will take practice though!

This body scan is an awesome intro into the bliss of feeling oneself without judgement. It’s also really relaxing. I recommend that you do this practice a couple of times a day for a two weeks. I think you will notice a shift.

Mandy Ryle Yoga

Introduction to Holistic Pain Care led by Mandy Ryle will equip you with 4 go to pain care strategies that you can use to develop your own pain care plan. You will also learn about why these strategies work so that you can move forward with confidence, empowered with knowledge and evidence. The next step of your pain care journey is The Shift School. Access to step by step pain care provides you with a cohesive strategy for overcoming your pain issue. Twice monthly group coaching keeps you on track. 

Mandy Ryle Yoga