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Introduction to Holistic Pain Care

A healthy amount of skepticism is important, helpful even. But can I ask that you start this challenge with an open mind? It turns out that our expectations directly influence the effectiveness of any treatment or intervention, not just pain care. Throughout this brief course, I will offer evidence so you can see that there is real science behind these strategies. But for today, I’d like for you to just consider your starting expectations.

As you will learn in this course, thoughts and feelings matter. This doesn’t mean that the pain is all in your head! Not at all! It means that pain is in your self. A pain experience is a global experience. As my mentor says, “Pain changes everything, but the opposite is true as well, everything changes pain.” 


Mandy Ryle Yoga

Introduction to Holistic Pain Care led by Mandy Ryle will equip you with 4 go to pain care strategies that you can use to develop your own pain care plan. You will also learn about why these strategies work so that you can move forward with confidence, empowered with knowledge and evidence. The next step of your pain care journey is The Shift School. Access to step by step pain care provides you with a cohesive strategy for overcoming your pain issue. Twice monthly group coaching keeps you on track. 

Mandy Ryle Yoga