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About this Course

I believe that people who have had chronic pain are the best teachers for those seeking to heal chronic pain. In addition to my credentials in working with individuals in pain, I also have experience with life altering persistent pain. These are the tools I have found and developed with the guidance and mentorship of esteemed pain science educators. These strategies work for myself and my clients. In my experience, people with pain want to be a part of their healing. They just haven’t been given the right tools, yet. This program is designed to empower you and inspire you. To finally help you to heal.

Mandy Ryle

Course Creator

Evidence Based

Multidisciplinary Program

Pain Care Yoga is a wholistic approach to healing persistent pain. Evidence tells us that pain is more than just tissue issues and damage. It is an experience that encompasses every aspect of you biologically, neurologically, emotionally, socially. We know that pain changes everything. What you will discover is that the opposite is true as well, everything changes pain.

Pain Care Yoga is an evidence based biopsychosocial approach. In this short mini course you will experience some of the pillars of PCY: Education, mindfulness, interoception and breathing. These are the same practices I assign my pain care clients. I’ve also included some evidence for each lesson so you can see how it all works.

Yoga for Neck pain


When we have pain, we often flee from the body as a coping mechanisim. Return gently to the experience of being embodied for greater equanimity and reduced pain. 

Yoga for neck Pain


Evidence shows that breathing techniques are a powerful way to calm the nervous systems. This is essential when you have persistent pain. A simple practice is included in this course.

Yoga for Neck Pain


Awareness and meditation practices are proven to decrease pain. Learn to attend to your whole self, not just your pain. This is an important step toward healing. 

Yoga for Neck Pain

Pain Education

Pain is so much more complex than we have been led to believe. Learning about all of the factors that contribute to your pain experience can help you heal and get back to your life.

Free Mini Course

Simple Strategies to Overcome Chronic Pain

Pain doesn’t happen in a body part, it happens in a self. It happens in the integrated experience of YOU. Pain Care Yoga is designed to offer you simple strategies to overcome chronic pain by addressing the whole self. Not just the part that hurts.


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Mandy Ryle Yoga

Mandy Ryle, ERYT-500, CPT, Yoga for Pain Care

My passion is pain. It sounds weird, I know. But I have a voracious appetite for research and education around the subject of pain and I have an incredible compassion for those who suffer from chronic pain. I’ve learned directly from some of the most esteemed pain educators in North America, developing my expertise in pain science, neuroscience education, somatic education, Yoga and biomechanics. I LOVE biology and teaching others how to make peace with their own biology. I’m also an expert in movement as an International Yoga teacher, Yoga educator and certified personal trainer.

This course contains methods that I have been using to help my clients apply yoga for pain for over a decade. It uses exciting evidence based tools to empower you and get you out of pain. Its way more than stretching. My goal is that you can become friends with your body again. That you can learn to trust yourself and that you can once again move through the world with ease and comfort.

Pain Care Yoga


As a result of taking the course , I gained wonderful and sustainable “tools” for managing my chronic pain. Mandy is truly an expert in pain care management. I learned more from Mandy about pain than any doctor’s office I have visited and trust me I have visited many over the years. I would highly recommend the program as it is life-changing! 

Barb, PCY for Low Back Pain Alum

Mandy taught me so much about chronic pain and gave me the tools to help manage it. I’m a firm believer now that mind body and soul are all connected and equally important. I’m doing things again that bring me joy- working out, playing with my children and cooking – all things that were put on hold when I would experience a pain flare up. My quality of life has drastically improved since completing Mandy’s course!”

Chris, PCY for Low Back Pain Alum

Mandy teaches simple movements in class that can be used safely and easily in everyday life – it has changed the way I relate to and experience pain. The movements are introduced gradually throughout the course. I’ve learned how the brain’s relationship with pain can be modified via neuroplasticity. It’s liberating! I’m extremely grateful for this course and look forward to it every week.

David, PCY for Low Back Pain Alum

The Program

How It Works

Your Group

The moment you sign up for the course you will also be enrolled in the native Intro to Pain Care Yoga Group. Here is where you can ask questions and recieve guidance from the group leader and other memebers. 

Your Lessons

This is a free form course. Watch the educational videos and sample the practices at your own pace. Feel free to ask questions at any time in the group discussion. 


Yours for Life

You will have lifetime access to your program. Return as often as you need. If you would like a more structured approach The Shift School provides step by step pain care programs and ongoing resources to help you to overcome persistent pain and recover your strength and vitality. 

Pain Care Yoga

Who is this for?


This program is for you if:

  • You understand that you must have an active role in your healing
  • You have diagnosed tissue damage
  • Your doctor can’t detect any damage in your scans
  • You’ve been in pain for a long time
  • You are okay most of the time but have severe flare ups
  • You hurt everyday

This program won’t work well for you if:

  • You prefer to let your health care providors do the fixing
  • You can’t commit any practice time to your long term healing
  • You do not agree that you must have an active role in your recovery
  • Self guided learning is not for you. If so you may want to consider private coaching
Pain Care Yoga

Tools for Life

Pain is a universal human experience. Some of us experience it more than others, but none will escape it. These strategies have helped so many to reduce their pain, improve their function and transform their relationship to pain. The tools in this course will help you to heal the pain you have now and to help you resolve flare ups for a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access will never expire. As long as this site is still up, you will have access to your course.

What is my time commitment?

Being in pain for a long time is not easy. Getting out of pain involves reversing tissue and nervous system changes that are supporting a pain experience and will take time and commitment. There is just no other path to healing that I know of!

I recommend that you engage in these practices a few times a day for several weeks. 



What kind of tech support is available?

If you have tech issues: Just email

For course support:  Enrollment to this course also admits you to Intro to PCY support group. If you have questions or need support, just add your inquiry to the group discussion

What is the format for the course?

Each “lesson” will has the following components:

  • A short blog style post
  • A video or audio recording

You can watch/listen to the recordings on your computer or mobile device.

Will this heal my pain?

The amount of energy that goes into making pain, shall match the amount of energy that goes into healing pain.
Marwa Azab

Pain is so much more complex than you have been led to believe. These practices are a good start on your healing path. Committing to simple tools daily will make an impact on your pain. 

What if I want to explore this process more deeply?

My experience has taught me that most people need a fair amount of guidance when healing chronic pain. If you would like to go deeper, you have options:

  • Try out the Shift School. This is my online movement community which includes step by step pain care, mindfulness, education, loads of pain care Yoga and even strength training. The Shift School is your evidence based home on the web for evidence informed pain care. Join a community of peers who are also on a pain care journey.  More about The Shift School
  • Contact me about private coaching. I work virtually with clients all over the world. You will need  a strong internet connection, a quiet place to practice and a firm understanding of the English language. Contact Me.