Beginner Strength Challenge

90 Days of structure and support to change your relationship to resistance training forever

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Step by Step Strength Program

Support and Education

Use Bodyweight and Resistance Bands

Build Strength, Power and Resiliance

Beginner Strength Challenge

90 Days of structure and support to change your relationship to resistance training forever

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Get Stronger with Support

90 Day Strength Challenge

April 11-July 11, 2022

Strength is intimidating! So much equipment, so many rules. Maybe you worry that some exercises may not be safe if you do it “wrong”, or you just don’t understand the rules of resistance training. Many of us just don’t know where to begin. The simple fact is strength is science. Once you understand the basics, you can apply your knowledge to achieve the goals you have in mind. You can multiply your results by adding support and accountability. You can do this! We will do it together.

Beginners Strength Training Interactive 90 Day Challenge

This program will transform your relationship with strength training by providing step by step instructions including video demos of each exercise. You’ll do 3 – 45 minute workouts each week. On the release of each cycle of new workouts, our challenge group will meet via zoom (or in person in Omaha, NE) to learn the new sets and exercises. Once per month we will meet via zoom for some strength edcucation designed to encourage confidence and independence. You’ll have unlimited access to support and advice in the native challenge community.


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3 Structured Workouts Weekly

Full Body Strength

Beginner Strength Challenge

Monthly Strength Education

A monthly live meeting for in depth understanding

Beginners Strength Challenge

Live Instruction

Each month we’ll go through the plan together

Beginner Strength Challenge

Community Support

Cheer on your Shift School friends

Beginners Strength Challenge

Program Design

This Beginners Strength Challenge will transform the way you view resistance training. Over the course of 3 months you will see changes in your body and in your body image. You will emerge with a rock solid understanding of how to do a full body workout to build strength and muscle mass. You will feel empowered to make resistance training a part of your life. 

Each month you will receive a new set of workouts to challenge you and continue your progress. Live coaching and monthly challenge zoom meetings will ensure that you feel great about what you are doing and that you are learning how to be more independent in your workouts in the future.

All live classes will be recorded for those who can’t make it live.

Mandy Ryle Yoga

Your Coach

Mandy Ryle

In addition to being an experienced Yoga Instructor, Mandy is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Her passion for movement and strength is matched by her keen interest in research. As a pain care Yoga specialist, Mandy's goal is to make resistance training accessable to all through education and community support.

Strength for Beginners

Benefits of Resistance Training

Strength is about so much more than losing weight or toning up. The CDC, and their counterparts in virtually every developed nation recommend engaging in muscle strengthening activities on 2 or more days every week. The benefits are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • Improved bone health
  • Improved cardiovascular heath
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced abdominal fat
  • Improved mobility
  • Enhanced brain heath and mental health
  • Improved body image
  • Improved metabolisim 

For Spring/Summer 2022 Program

Program Features

Beginners Strength Challenge

April 11-July 11, 2022
Beginner Strength Challenge

Live Coaching

Each month you will recieve a set of 3 workouts to perform approximately every other day. We’ll meet via Zoom Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:30 pm CST on the first week of each month to prepare you to work independently. We will also meet once/month to disucss relevant fitness topics.

Beginner Strength Challenge

Evidence Informed

Strength training is all about science. This program will educate you and empower you to make resistance training a part of your life well after the 90 days is up. Graded exposure to resistance training is an important part of a pain care process. This program is pain care aware.

Beginner Strength Challenge

Structure and Support

Having the support of others and a structured program means that you can get the results you are looking for; More confidence and power, better balance and improved resiliance. Reach out anytime to recieve or offer support and guidance in the private challenge community.

Strength Training Challenge Increased Energy Start Where You Are

Adding resistance training to your life should be an empowering experience. this program will teach you the basic exercises (core lifts) that will continue to be a part of your workouts for years to come. Master the form, the variables and the structure of your workout and you will not only look better and feel stronger, but you will be engaging in a powerful form of self care. Resistance training is a vital part of aging well and approaching the world with a sense of confidence. You can do this! You just need the tools and the support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginners Strength Training Challenge

What is the format for Beginners Strength Challenge?

This is a 90 day program. You will commit to working out from home (or the gym if you prefer) 3x/week. At the beginning of each month, you will be provided with a program including video and text instructions for each exercise as well as the structure of each workout. To instill confidence, we will meet as a group 3 times during the first week of each month to do workouts A, B and C together. This will prepare you to workout independently for the remaining 3 weeks. The live sessions can be attended via Zoom or in person at Sound Method Yoga. Once per month we will meet for an hour via Zoom to discuss relevant fitness topics and share our progress.

What equipment do I need?

This program is designed to be totally accessible to beginners who are working out from home. You will need:

  • A set of long resistance bands
  • A sturdy chair with no arms or wheels. A metal folding chair works well
  • A Yoga bolster or exercise ball
  • Optional: 2 – 2 and 5 lb hand weights
  • A Yoga mat

I've never done strength training, will this be too advanced for me?

Gosh no. This program is intended for individuals who have little to no experience with strength. Evidence shows that it doesn’t make you stronger to dive in way over your head. Rather, you must start where you are and build slowly, progressively from there.

Though the scope of this program is not to provide individual instruction, you will receive group coaching. The challenge community found in the challenge portal is your hotline to help anytime throughout the challenge. Needing a modification? Ask in the community. Needing some encouragement? Reach out to the community. We can do this together. 

What if I can't make the live classes?

All live sessions will be recorded and posted. You do not need to attend live.

What are the technical requirements?

Your workouts can be found on this site in your portal. There is a brief video demo for each exercises, so you will need a relatively strong internet connection. There is also a pdf to print out if you prefer to take it to the gym or on vacation. Live sessions will take place via Zoom. You can access zoom from any internet browser.

What is Shift School?

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I'm already a member of Shift School. How do I register?

Make sure that you are logged in to your Shift School membership. Then click this link. Continue to purchase screen. The price should be discounted to $0. If you are prompted to pay, please don’t continue. First ensure that you are looged in to your Shift Member account. If you are still prompted to pay email Mandy for support. 

I'm so busy, How much time do I need to commit?

Research shows that working out for hours every day, or even every day of the week is not the key to success for those of us who just want to feel stronger, look better and have more energy. You will be asked to set aside 45-60 minutes 3 days per week for your program. Each workout takes about 30 minutes, but you will also want to incorporate a brief warmup and cool down. If needed you can divide your workout into 2 sections to do at different times during the day.

Your workouts are designed to use minimal equipment for noticable results. Once you see the changes in your energy and in your body, you will be hooked! Taking care of your body should be the FIRST priority, not the last. Having more energy, power and confidence doesn’t take time, it GIVES time.