Yin Yoga for Chronic Pain

5 Reasons Why Yin Yoga is So Beneficial for Chronic Pain

Yin Yoga is so much more than stretching. For those with chronic pain, it has so much to offer, way beyond increasing flexibility. As a pain care coach, I provide practices, and techniques to my clients so that they may be the leader of their own healing process. Though I have many many strategies to choose from, when providing a customized plan, almost every client has Yin in their program. This video is a quick run down of the 5 Reasons Why Yin Yoga is So Beneficial for Chronic Pain and why it is a must for your pain care plan. 

Have a listen to see if these resonate with you, or if you might amplify these techniques in your own practice.


Pain Care Yoga Course
Start Your Pain Care Journey

If you are a longtime listener to this podcast, you are well familiar with pain care yoga. Everything I do is intended to support those who live with persisting pain. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people have chronic pain worldwide. In the US though, that number is closer to 20-30%. Pain is a universal human experience that is vital to our survival. But enduring pain that steals your peace and your future is not normal. Ensuring that evidence informed, wholistic pain care is available to anyone who needs it is my mission. The podcast is a great resource for evidence informed pain care. But if you would like to enhance your understanding as a yoga practicioner, teacher or as someone who lives with chronic pain, or loves someone who does, I have a free resource for you. Introduction to Pain Care Yoga is a short video course that will formalize your understanding of Yoga for Pain Care and provide simple, accessable strategies for relief.

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