Have you discovered Spotify yet? If you are a yoga teacher it’s the absolute best for creating playlists. Unfortunately though, you have to pay for it… It’s $10 a month for Spotify Premium. If you are a yoga teacher who plays music though it’s likely the cheapest option out there. The library is pretty stellar and searching for fresh music is much easier than the last time I used itunes.

There is one pesky little problem though. Sometimes Spotify randomly decides that you don’t know the best order for your songs and that it will shuffle your playlists as it sees fit. This has happened to many instructors I know, myself included. It’s particularly brutal when you’ve spent hours or days fine tuning a list. You roll it out for that first class and the songs don’t play in order!! That’s kind of a big deal in a yoga class. I struggled with this for about 4 months before I figured out how to fix it. This little tip yogis, is going to totally make your day if you’ve had this problem as well.

Steps to fix annoying Spotify spontaneous randomization

1. Open the playlist you want to play in Spotify and start to play it.

2. Click the bar at the bottom
Annoying Spotify Shuffle
3. Find the nasty little shuffle button that’s been screwing up your playlist order and making you look unprofessional for playing say… The Black Eyed Peas during Savasana.
Spotify Shuffle Problems
4. If that button is green, as in my example, this is why your list has been shuffling. What’s that you say? You never selected this option, you never ever would do that. I hear ya’ homes’. At least now you know how to fix it; click it. It should be white if you want your songs to play in the order you chose.
5. Chances are very good that other playlists have been infected with this random shuffle plague. You may want to repeat steps 2 and 3 every time you start a playlist for a class. Because it could happen at any time for any reason.

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