Yin Yoga Playlist

Yin Yoga Playlist by Mandy Ryle Yoga

Yin Yoga Playlist

This Yin Yoga playlist has, of course, been extensively tested for maximum chill factor in my own classes 🙂 Sometimes song lyrics can be fantastic but most of the time they are distracting to students in Yin. I try to only add songs with English lyrics if the message will deepen the intent of the practice. In this case I added one of my favorite Krishna Das tracks near the end. I love the way the words “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me” are repeated mantra like.

I’ve left this Yin Yoga Playlist at just 56 minutes to allow for a silent savasana. If you like the list please follow me on Spotify .

A Yin Yoga Playlist – Nothing it Can

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