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Right now I am recruiting for my 2019 Yoga Teacher Certification. Mostly I talk to women who are so excited but so scared to take the leap. It’s never an easy decision. In fact, it’s often agonizing. Let’s face it. 95% of Yoga Teachers are women. As women we are hardwired to put everyone and everything else ahead of our own needs. (This is precisely why we make such great Yoga teachers by the way, we are nurturers.) We wait till the time when we get permission from those around us to make big investments in ourselves and sometimes that day never happens, or it happens too late.

[[pullquote cite= type=”right”]Lunacy, selfish, irresponsible. [/pullquote]]
I remember that agonizing decision well. I was a single mom of two very small kids 2 and 4. I was a professional musician struggling to make ends meet. To spend the money to travel and on tuition, to take the time away from my precious kiddos? Lunacy, selfish, irresponsible.

Why did I do it then? I needed it, I so so needed it. I had to make a change. I needed to discover who I was again after leaving a toxic, abusive relationship. I asked those around me for help and received it from some. I listened to the ones who told me I was making a poor decision and decided to think for myself instead. I couldn’t have known this at the time, but taking those months out for myself, putting a few grand on my line of credit, learning a new skill in an unfamiliar environment remains one of the best decisions I have ever made. It changed the course of my life. It’s the reason I met my husband who supported me in opening my own studio years later. It’s the reason my kids know how hard it is to put yourself out there, build something from scratch, work hard, sometimes fail but always stay focused. It led me to my true Dharma, or purpose. How could I have known that all of my learning up until then was grooming me for the role I have now? Sometimes you just have to take a leap.

[[pullquote cite=type=”right”]It led me to my true Dharma, or purpose. How could I have known that all of my learning up until then was grooming me for the role I have now?[/pullquote]]When I talk to women considering Teacher Training they express these same concerns with me. And the same aspirations. Make no mistake, this process will change you. It will force you to draw a line between yourself and people who don’t support you. It will teach you to be bold, compassionate and humble. It will show you just what a privilege it is to fail, to make mistakes. It will cause those around you to feel uncomfortable. Because you are always the one that takes care and now you are taking charge. But those same people will respect you a little more. You may even teach them silently to follow your example.

For that terrifying, irresponsible investment I now get to be creative everyday. I get to teach people how to move better, love their bodies, get stronger and do it with poise and humility. I get to travel around the world. I get to work with Yoga professionals in a mentor capacity. I get lead a small but mighty kula of like minded individuals who are committed to health and wellness for themselves and their community.

The question is, what are you risking by not taking a chance? Whether it’s becoming a Yoga teacher or starting a relationship or ending one? Or maybe it’s just teaching your family that mom is important too. Mom gets to be selfish and fail sometimes. Watch Mom get back up and try again. Or watch her work hard, really hard and succeed.

The question is. What would you do if you were guaranteed success? Give it some thought. Then start taking baby steps, one little milestone at a time and watch that thing happen. I believe in you.