Saturday Vinyasa at Weathering Heights

Saturday Vinyasa at Wuthering Heights

Saturday Morning Vinyasa

Wuthering Heights is a beautiful farm/ranch in Omaha owned by my friend and student Nancy. She has been kind enough to offer it as a location for Saturday Morning Vinyasa while I am between teaching locations. Wuthering Heights is still within city limits! It’s just a little Northwest of the Irvington exit off of I-6-80. It’s amazing that such a short drive can take you to a place that feels remote and relaxed. Nancy keeps horses and an adorable German Shepherd puppy as a further incentive to come check it out!

Our Saturday morning Vinyasa will be moderate paced and designed to challenge your strength and balance. I favor classes that are doable and sequenced to tell a story. Plan to layer your clothes and bring a pair of socks for savasana, a closed water bottle is also recommended. Class is indoors but our practice area is surrounded by windows allowing us to enjoy the wonderful Fall scenery.

At least a little experience with Vinyasa Yoga is recommended. We’ll practice for about 90 minutes. There is no need to register ahead, but please go to the event on Facebook to indicate your interest or status if you do plan on attending. Cost is $10/student. Cash only.

The location

Please email me for the address and directions to the farm.

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