Reclaiming the Yin Dragon Poses. Part I

Yin Dragon Poses

Reclaiming High Flying Dragon

Can I just say… I really dislike the dragon poses in Yin. I find them very confusing, I feel like a jerk when I add them to my classes and I am more than a little concerned that they are dangerous.

In fact. I don’t think you can do the dragons safely using a Yin protocol. There, I said it. Literally, you have to remain pretty dynamic in these poses, which is anti Yin, in my opinion. And, you really can’t hold a standard dragon safely for more than one minute.

Without the dragons though, we have a serious lack of Yin poses that address the front of the thigh; quads and hip flexors. So how can we get the benefit from these poses without the discomfort, nasty looks from students and risk? Props! (The answer is always props by the way, unless its wine…)

Reclaiming the Yin Dragon Poses

This post is the first in a four part video series on reclaiming the Yin dragon poses. We’ll take a quick but thourough look at each of the dragons to determine a safe and efficient strategy for propping these poses. Once the student is supported, not only are these poses risk free but they feel amaaaazing and and incredibly productive. Your students will LOVE these variations.

High Flying Dragon Pose with Support

Here it is. A super compf way to hold high flying dragon, a pose that is generally miserable in Yin. And all you need is two (maybe three) blocks!

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