Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga sessions with Mandy are much more than just Yoga. Mandy has been teaching Yoga, and individual clients since 2008. She is a sensitive and compassionate teacher, able to employ all of the tools that Yoga has to offer toward your healing and wellness goals. Yoga is a powerful modality as it encompasses and nurtures every part of being an embodied self; the physical body, the emotional body and the intellectual body. Mandy is a teacher who can guide you through this process joyfully and competently.

In addition to strict Yoga teachings, Mandy is a science nerd. Her teachings take advantage of new research and expert voices to benefit each individual client. In addition to specialized training in bio mechanics, Mandy has committed herself to the study of pain science and the effect of the nervous system on whole health. Her study of these topics is both formal and self guided.

Private Yoga Session Training Modalities

Yoga is a diverse practice that can support or restore wellness. Private Yoga Sessions offer:

  • Physical movement which customized to meet the needs of any body.
  • Breathing practices to nourish the body and influence the nervous system
  • Mindfulness and meditation, which have been shown to have enormous benefit for all facets of health
  • Yoga philosophy can provide important context in living and healing.

In addition to Yoga, Mandy uses other tools to support her private yoga clients

Somatic Practices

Feldenkreis® inspired. This technique is all about easy, efficient, pain free movement and works with the nervous system.


The benefit of movement and mindfulness is a major topic of current research. With Mandy, science informs your training program.

Pain Science

Yoga has so many wonderful things to offer to the person in pain. Mandy has special training to work with clients suffering from chronic pain

Client Experience

Mandy Ryle is a masterful teacher.  She has a passion for the health and well-being of her students, which she expresses by crafting sessions that meet her student's unique needs with engaging instruction.  Besides expert-level knowledge of yoga poses and practices, Mandy stays up-to-date with mindfulness research.  My mother and I have had bi-monthly duo sessions with Mandy for the past year and more recently, weekly sessions.  During this time, we have both seen noticeable benefits in our freedom of motion and balance.  Beyond that, my mother, who has dementia, has made a connection with Mandy that has helped her maintain cognitive function.  Mandy is so patient with her, meeting her where she's at and making accommodations for her to be successful and grow.

I've attended Mandy's group classes for several years because of her wide range of anatomical and scientific knowledge relating to yoga, and her ability to modify any pose for those with limited flexibility. I thought I'd try private lessons when I started experiencing persistent pain from an active job and lifestyle. She has taught me techniques that are easy to replicate at home that prevent and remedy the pain. I have learned more than just yoga, but also why and how certain actions affect the body and brain.

Comprehensive Support

  • Intention Setting

    Mandy will take the time to learn about your goals and challenges. Detailed assessment will provide a baseline from which to progress.

  • One on One Private Yoga Sessions

    Humans progress best when their movement is purposeful, when there is a sense of play, and when effort is suffused with awareness. Your sessions will be fun, novel and challenging. Each session is adapted to meet your current needs.

  • Empowerment

    The real work takes place between sessions! You will have a a personalized homework program assigned to you every two weeks. Your program will be available to you via an app on your phone. Your homework will be completely customized for your goals and lifestyle.

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