Major Props

Major Props with Mandy Ryle

Major Props

Behold the glory of simple items: a yoga block, strap, bolser, chair, sandbag… Items so versatile, supportive and at times confounding. A yogi could spend a lifetime and never discover all of the possibilities inherent within.


Major Props can be a single standalone single workshop or a weekend intensive including 3 separate practices. Each 2 hour workshop will include postures and discussion. When presented as a weekend each class will build upon the previous classes. Content can be customized.

Available Practices

All tied up

A Vinyasa that depends on two things to be successful: a yoga strap and a sense of curiosity. Each pose in this intermediate level practice is aided by the use of a strap. Breathe new life into familiar poses, find challenges, have aha moments. Each student must have a yoga strap for class.


Long relegated to second rate status, the humble folding chair is a staple of backrooms and basements. But where others see a structure that is cold and hard, we yogis see an opportunity. To bend, twist, press, stabilize, illuminate and invert. Chairs are gold mine of experience. Join Mandy for this practice that will creatively use folding chairs, and other yoga props to explore postures that inspire and often terrify. Postures that seem impossible, but for one thing – Careful ingenuity. Enrollment is capped at 12. Studio must provide metal folding chairs.

Elevated Status

Has any yogi evern not been glad when the teacher says “you’ll need a bolster for class”. This practice is a cool hybrid of Yin and Restorative Yoga. This class is always sold out. It just feels so so good. Each student will need a yoga bolster, 2 yoga blocks, and one sand/rice bag.

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