Breath and Bandhas

Breath and Bhandas with Mandy Ryle

Take it all away

All the fancy transitions, and flashy poses.Subtract your slinky hamstrings and your yoga butt. What do we have left? The breath, the movement of the breath and it’s relationship to our life force, our awareness of it and our capacity to harness it. Breath and Bandhas have an important similarity: They are just two ways to influence Prana. Yogis have been tinkering with the body’s vital energy source for centuries, and they’ve come up with some pretty cool stuff. Breath and Bandhas is a fresh and relevant way to explore the subjective, ephemeral, un-seeable,; within a posture practice.

Breath and Bandhas

Ironically, breath is the most basic facet of our yoga practice and yet is the single most important component that will advance it. Breath and Bandhas is a standalone single workshop or a weekend intensive. Each 2 hour practice includes asanas and Vinyasa style transitions, pranayama, meditation and discussion. When presented as a weekend each class will build upon the previous classes.

Available Practices

Where the magic happens

An exciting journey of postures and breathing practices. The act of noticing something changes it, so we’ll notice our breath. In this practice the pranayama become a part of the asanas. When familiar and not so familiar breathing practices are found withing the practice it’s like finding a $20 you thought you had lost, in the pocket of your jeans! An exciting but slower moving practice for students who love yoga.

Demystifying the Yogic Seals

The bhandas are often given second rate status in yoga classes. Being invisible, energetic and a little weird, it’s not so hard to believe that students just prefer to skip them. This workshop finally gives the bhandas their moment in the sun. We’ll practice postures, mudras, breathing and the yogic seals. Each new concept will build to a very satisfying finish.

Unfamiliar Abs

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our abs. Find a new appreciation for your own core in this class that explores Yogic abdominal exercises such as agni sara and nauli. These exercises seem mysterious but are actually excellent for building tone, proprioception and strength. Move through asanas designed to help you learn these technique. Develop awareness to enhance all of your yoga postures.

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