Master Chaturanga

Master Chaturanga

Master Chaturanga This Month!

It’s time to really understand Chaturanga Dandasana. No more fear or hesitation or crashing to the floor. Today is the day that you not only master the aesthetic perfection that is Chaturanga but you build the skill and strength to do it safely.

The story of Chaturanga is also the story of posture. In my Yoga Therapy practice I have discovered just two key muscle groups that can enhance posture and therefore confidence, respiratory function, digestion and of course neck and shoulder pain. Building the skill to master Chaturanga will also help you to improve your posture naturally and dare I say, permanently.

This course will take you from 0 to hero in about a month. Commit to this journey with me and reap the rewards. Lessons are short and straight forward. Just follow this simple program and you will be on your way to confident Chaturangas and better posture.

Rock one of the most challenging poses in no time

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