Role of Pain

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I recently read an article about the role of pain in the popular style of yoga, Astanga, popularized by Pattabi Jois. This style of yoga is the grandfather of the Vinyasa that I teach, but the strict Astanga style often gets a bad rap because of it’s dogmatic rigidity and the frequency of injury among its practitioners. The author of …


Is Yoga really for everyone?

Is yoga really for everybody?

 “Yoga is for everyone!” Certainly you’ve heard this phrase uttered before; I’ve said it, and meant it.  But 6 years of teaching yoga full-time, now owning a yoga studio and directing a teacher training has been informative, and a little disappointing in this regard.  The fact is, this phrase which seems to be so inclusive is misleading and misguided despite …


The Dark Side of Yoga

This post is a response to an article published in the NY Times Magazine, Jan 5,2012, How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body. I’ve been reading an important text about yoga called “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar.  This is one of those books that as a teacher of yoga you really feel like you “should” read.  It’s called the “Bible” …