Slow Flow Playlist

yoga class playlist 75 minutes

I’m so into this playlist right now. I find it’s just the right tempo for a nice slow flow. I prefer to keep Savasana quiet and music free, so this list is perfect for a 75 minute class if you like a strong beat that’s not too fast and a lot of different genres. If you have similar music preferences …

3 Reasons to do Yin Yoga

3 Reasons to do Yin Yoga

People who love Yin, really love Yin. There are many benefits over the long term; greater flexibility, healthier joints, a deeper understanding of your body maybe resulting in better proprioception. That last one is especially important as we age by the way. You will reap greater and greater rewards over the course of weeks and years doing a Yin practice. …

Yoga Teacher Playlist Woes… Overcoming Spotify Shuffle

Have you discovered Spotify yet? If you are a yoga teacher it’s the absolute best for creating playlists. Unfortunately though, you have to pay for it… It’s $10 a month for Spotify Premium. If you are a yoga teacher who plays music though it’s likely the cheapest option out there. The library is pretty stellar and searching for fresh music …

Role of Pain

Mandy Ryle Yoga

I recently read an article about the role of pain in the popular style of yoga, Astanga, popularized by Pattabi Jois. This style of yoga is the grandfather of the Vinyasa that I teach, but the strict Astanga style often gets a bad rap because of it’s dogmatic rigidity and the frequency of injury among its practitioners. The author of …

Span of Progress

"I've said before that the span of progress on the spiritual path is about one body length. We take a step, and we fall flat on our faces, because it was another impure trip. So we pull ourselves up, and we take the next step -- and we fall on our faces again. That seems to be about the rate at which we go. [...] But you keep tuning and tuning-- through study, through meditation, through falling on your face. Andy slowly, slowly, as your methods start to work, your attachment to the whole business starts to get less and less. After all, the ego can only trap you as long as you think you are it...."

Your Soul

"In the beginning, the middle and the end it is you and you only. So live well in your inner peace and inner strength. And when you feel weak, call on your soul, your best friend."

Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens

My passion as a teacher of asana and yoga in general, is the breath. This has not changed in all of the years I’ve been teaching despite the many incarnations my style has taken. Maybe it comes from my 16 years spent as a professional musician and teacher of singing. I’ve loved the mechanics of breath and the usefulness of …

Own it

Own It.

Every now and then I am smart enough to take my own advice. It doesn’t happen often enough and when it does it’s definitely a forehead slap kind of moment. I was ill for several days last week, just a nasty virus, but miserable still. About a day after my fever broke I decided to go to the gym. It …


Is Yoga really for everyone?

Is yoga really for everybody?

 “Yoga is for everyone!” Certainly you’ve heard this phrase uttered before; I’ve said it, and meant it.  But 6 years of teaching yoga full-time, now owning a yoga studio and directing a teacher training has been informative, and a little disappointing in this regard.  The fact is, this phrase which seems to be so inclusive is misleading and misguided despite …