Reclaiming the Yin Dragon Poses. Part VI

Side Stepping Dragon Pose

Yin Yoga is supposed to be cool. To bring out the lunar aspect of things. But the dragon poses are so dynamic! Find a way to support Side Stepping Dragon pose for comfort, safety and to maintain “yintegrity”!

Reclaiming the Yin Dragon Poses. Part II

Yin Teacher training

This is the second post in a 4 part series on the Yin Dragon Poses. If you haven’t viewed part one yet, please head over before you read this post.  Twisted winged dragon is one of my all time favorite poses. I love the lizard version in the Vinyasa practice, but I really (really) love this supported version in my …


Reclaiming the Yin Dragon Poses. Part I

Yin Dragon Poses

Can I just say… I really dislike the dragon poses in Yin. I find them very confusing, I feel like a jerk when I add them to my classes and I am more than a little concerned that they are dangerous. In fact. I don’t think you can do the dragons safely using a Yin protocol. There, I said it. …